The Best Labor Playlist

The Best Labor Playlist

Did you make a labor playlist for the hospital?

We did, and honestly it was one of the most relaxing (and tbh, distracting), things we did while we were in the delivery room.

Music can alter the chemistry in your brain and we all react differently, depending on the type of tunes being played.

A relaxing labor and delivery playlist is a great idea if you want to have something soothing to listen to during your time away from home.

Here are some of our top tips to make a great playlist and set the mood for baby's arrival!

  • Make sure you have a speaker + charger packed in your hospital bag
  • Find your fave playlist, or curate your own in the weeks leading up to your due date
  • Consider packing your favourite headphones if you want to tune everything else out - from cordless buds to soundproof headsets

A playlist for labor has become so popular that Spotify partnered with OB-GYN Dr. Jacques Moritz to design a scientifically-approved list of tunes to accompany women through giving birth.

Check out these labour playlist songs on Spotify!