Best Baby Monitors - Our Top Picks

Best Baby Monitors - Our Top Picks

Best Baby Monitor - Our Top Picks

Here is our guide to the best baby monitors to help you get through the night with more rest and less stress.

Avoid waking your little one up with a squeaky door knob or creaky floor board by finding a great baby monitor that will do the hard work for you!

Types of Monitors

There are three types of monitors, from low to higher tech. You need to consider what will put you most at ease when watching or listening for your baby during naps and nighttime:

  • Audio Monitors The OG monitor, these allow you to hear your baby making sounds, without being able to see them. They are simple, affordable and a great option for your full time monitor, or to have as a secondary travel monitor to keep in your pack n' play bag.
  • Video Monitors These are the most popular picks for parents. With the ability to both see and hear Baby in the crib or bed, you can keep track of them from every angle. Most new video monitors feature zoom in cameras, night vision, and the ability to rotate the camera from side to side.
  • Movement Monitors The new kids on the block. These wearable monitors track baby's heart beat, breathing and movement. They come in the form of socks, clips, or buttons that sit in or under the crib mattress. Often more expensive, they provide another level of monitoring all your baby's vitals. 

Features to Look Out for

When researching for a monitor, here are some things to consider. Depending on your preference, lifestyle and comfort level, these features will help you rank and filter down to the best monitor for you:

  • Wifi-enabled
  • Range
  • Portability
  • Battery Life
  • 2-Way Communication
  • Display Quality
  • Screen Size
  • Temperature Display

Our Favourite Baby Monitor Brands

Here are our top picks for best baby monitor based on our own devices, recommendations from friends, and top-reviewed tech from the world wide web.


The Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor includes pan, tilt and zoom features, with a 5" colour LCD screen. It displays room temperature and offers two-way communication. It allows for a 1,000 foot range and can go wireless once charged up.


A hugely popular brand, the Nanit Pro Baby Monitor comes in either a floor stand or wall mount option. While at the expensive end of the spectrum, this monitor features two-way audio and a crystal-clear monitor screen. With the wall mount option, you can see a 1080p bird's eye view of your baby from anywhere - your smart phone, Kindle Fire or Echo Show device. You can view from anywhere you have connectivity, giving you limitless range.


Veering into the world of movement monitors, the Owlet Monitor Duo combines the monitor with their award-winning Smart Sock. The Smart Sock tracks your child's heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep trends - and it all streams directly to your smart phone via the Owlet App. The screen can sit on the dresser or be mounted to a wall, and the socks come in sizes for ages 0-18 months and 2-5 years. It even comes in three different colours to suit your style.


The Vtech baby monitor brand offers a variety of options for parents, from Video to Audio systems. When it comes to Audio, they have a wide range of options starting at $29.99 while include features from sound indicators to baby night lights. Their Video collection starts at $49.99 and includes high resolution cameras, full motion video, pan/tilt options, and over 1,000 feet of range.


The Babysense Compact Video monitor comes in a full size and compact option. At an affordable $99 for two cameras and a mini screen, this monitor features a high quality LCD display, night vision, and a white noise sound feature. With a range of 900 feet, you can stay connected to your baby from almost anywhere. 


Are there other brands you love? Send us an email and share your fave baby monitors best with us! Find us at  




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