Making an Impact

Diapers are inaccessible for too many families across the Greater Toronto Area.
1 in 5 Canadian parents experience diaper need. 
We wanted to help.

So we’ve partnered with Baby Love Beginnings to donate 1% of our monthly sales to help provide diapers to low income families in our community.

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

A newborn baby goes through 10-12 diapers each day.

Families can spend over $100 per child in disposable diapers each month, making it expensive and inaccessible for too many.

Over the last year, Baby Love has delivered over 350,000 diapers to children living in poverty. Every purchase you make helps provide this basic essential for families most in need.

About Baby Love Beginnings

Baby Love Beginnings in a registered Canadian charity dedicated to improving the health and safety for babies and love income families in the Greater Toronto Area by providing FREE diapers to families in need. Baby Love works with leading anti-poverty organizations to distribute packages of diapers needed for families & children to thrive.

Sonday the Label x Baby Love Beginnings:
How It Works

Make a purchase at Sonday the Label and we will donat 1% of our monthly sales directly to Baby Love
Donate directly here to families in need through Baby Love online
To learn more about the initiative or get involved you can visit
Baby Love Beginnings