The Best Gifts for Teachers!

The Best Gifts for Teachers!

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What would we do without the amazing teachers in our lives?

Every June we rack our brains to think about the best gifts to them after a long year of hard work. And we're lucky enough in our life to know a few of we asked!

We got some great answers and compiled them all into the list below. We even have a 'please avoid' list, too.

Top Teacher Gift Ideas 

  • Homemade gifts or crafts
  • Mugs/Tumblers/S’well bottles
  • LCBO gift cards
  • Wine bottles with personalized labels
  • Gift cards from: Amazon, Indigo, Starbucks or Tim's
  • Dollar Store gift cards, so teachers can buy supplies for the class
  • Bath bombs
  • A homemade card/message from the student

Gifts to Avoid

  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Most foods - they either get too much, or have certain allergies and can't consume

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