Our Fave Books for the Bump - and Beyond!

Our Fave Books for the Bump - and Beyond!

So, How Many Books Can I Read in 9 Months?


Reading is something I haven't done much of since having my baby eighteen months ago. But I miss it! I used to read a book a month. Ish.

So when I was first pregnant, I started asking friends for recommendations about the best pregnancy books I should be reading in preparation. And a few seemed to show up over and over again in texts and emails.

And we can't forget the fourth trimester. There are so many books that focus on baby prep and not enough attention gets paid to the period of time after they arrive. 

It's a total physical and mental mind-shift for mothers, once the baby is actually at home. There's so much to dig into about how to deal with the transition.

There are loads of books available and they all have their own merits. We have created this list from our own personal library + mama reviewed recommendations from our community.


Our Fave Pregnancy Book Recommendations


Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman

An informative and hilarious account of American parents raising kids in France, noting the cultural differences and learning to (mostly) love the French philosophy around child-raising.

Bringing Up Bebe 

by Erica Chidi

This book, written by Doula Erica Chidi, is a no-judgement and comprehensive guide for parents-to-be. It provides the essential information parents need to guide them on their journey, starting from the first months of pregnancy to the first months of postpartum.

nurture Erica Chidi

The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson

So much attention is paid to pregnancy and the first week's of baby's arrival, and only recently have more books come out to speak about how women can prepare for their experience postpartum. This important book takes us through healing on all levels: physical, emotional, relational and spiritual.

the fourth trimester

Expecting Better and Cribsheet by Emily Oster

Emily Oster shakes up conventional wisdom in her books Expecting Better and Cribsheet. As an award-winning economist, she takes an updated look at all the data around pregnancy to de-bunk myths and explain all the why behind all there things women are told to avoid. The book aims to empower women with the latest research and information to make the best choices for them during their pregnancy.

Expecting better

Bumpin' by Leslie Schrock

Every woman and pregnancy is unique. In this guide to pregnancy, birth and postpartum, Leslie Schrock aims to shrink anxieties around the unknown by providing non-judgemental, honest and up to date information about the science behind everything from breastfeeding, vaccinations and fertility.