That time we met Jillian Harris!

That time we met Jillian Harris!

Check out our weekend at Jilly Academy at the Farm!

One week before Jillian Harris and her team hosted their first-ever Jilly Academy Workshop at her Kelowna farm, I got extremely lucky and got my hands on a waitlist ticket for the event. In 24 hours I had to find a place to stay, a flight to get me there, and of course...something to wear!

The 2-day event was set up to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, content creators and influencers network, learn from their academy courses, and get inspired post-pandemic.

Jillian Harris
delivered the keynote on content creation, and what her team has learned over the years, from best practises in marketing to how to navigate the changing digital landscape.

The Atelier Collective founders also presented a course on business strategy while Jillian herself delivered the keynote on content creation and the state of marketing today.

Our founder, Katie, wore our Waffle Nursing Dress to the event to test out our sample and preview it for FW '22...needless to say it is Jilly-approved! You can sign up for our waitlist here, we'll be launching the dress at the end of October. 

We also had the opportunity to meet Ashley Freeborn, the incredible founder of Smash + Tess! Ashley was so warm, open and welcoming and really mingled with everyone at the event. 

Check out our photos from the event below, and our instagram for a Reel of the day!

Welcome to the Farm in beautiful Kelowna, BC

Jilly Academy

Including a Kombucha van, of course.

Jilly Academy

Jillian kicked off the event with her husband, Justin, and two kids Leo & Annie!

Jilly Academy

Meeting other amazing female founders! (Repping the Waffle Dress)

Jilly Academy

...And Ashley Freeborn, the founder of Smash + Tess!

Ashley Freeborn

Taryn Harris and Angela Osbourne, founders of the Atelier Collective

 The Atelier Collective

MC Jam Gamble, moderating the panel with Jillian and Ashley

Jam Gamble

Ending the day with a tour of the Farm <3

Jillian Harris 

 To learn more about The Jilly Academy and check out their courses, find more information here.


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