QUIL Packaging FAQs

1) How do I return my empty QUIL bag?

Returning your empty QUIL bag is easy! Pull out the prepaid return flap and ensure it’s visible, fold up the bag and drop it into the nearest Canada Post mailbox. Need more info? Visit shopquil.com/pages/returns

2) How do I return my purchase if it came in a QUIL bag?

Your purchases need to be returned to our brand, directly. Please follow the return instructions we have provided. You can send your return back using your QUIL bag. Please note, when closing your QUIL bag:

Close the QUIL bag with velcro and some tape
Stick the return label on top of the tape, over the flap
Important! Make sure the prepaid QUIL return label is not visible when returning the purchase as this will cause a delay in your return

3) Do I get a discount for returning my QUIL bag?

Yes! Here’s how: Send hello@shopquil.com an e-mail with your Full Name and a photo of you returning your QUIL bag for reuse and they will send you a unique discount code for 10% off your next purchase with us.

4) How is a QUIL bag better for the environment?

Using a QUIL bag is the best option for the environment since it is virtually zero-waste and reduces the carbon footprint of packaging:

  • Reduces up to ~96% of packaging waste (can be reused 20x)
  • Saves ~60% of the CO2 after just 5x reuses, 80% after 20x

After just 1x reuse, a QUIL bag is already a better option for our planet.